Grace and Stress

Woot woot, I’m back after far too long!

It’s been one of those semesters. Like every college semester. It’s been like that. But I’m sitting here thinking about my blog, as I frequently do lately. I keep thinking, it’s been too long, what’s the point in posting anymore? But, I still want to do this, and later is better than never.

So last week was one of the rare times in my life where I remembered my dreams more than once. Oftentimes I don’t remember my dreams at all for long periods of time. But last week I dreamed multiple times that I failed my group presentation, my speech, my lecture exam, and my practical exam. All failures. Even my dreams are full of ridiculously bleak scenarios entirely in my head.

This made me realize- maybe I’m a little stressed out after all…

So far, I’ve made it through the semester with considerably less stress than last year. There have been few or no breakdowns, there’s been no crying over school or classes, there’s been no nights of being up until 4 am because I have got to finish something last minute. It’s been good.

I learned how to handle stress a little better, and shocker, it involves grace! To cope with stress, not only do I have to give myself grace, but I have to remember that God is giving me grace every day as well, far beyond what I could ever deserve.

In addition to this though, I’ve also learned to cut things out that aren’t entirely necessary. I have to give myself time to be alone, time to be with family, and time to not think about the very next thing I have to do 24/7. I have to prioritize time with God and others. Working out has helped majorly too (although that’s been less a priority lately than sleep).

Yet even with all this learning happening, stress got to me! It happens. But you give yourself grace, you pray, and you keep going. Also, remind yourself that a little bit of stress is good- it pushes you, it motivates you, and it keeps you going. Maybe that is just what I needed over the past week.

God is good, and He is abounding in grace.

Thanks for reading my thoughts!

give grace,


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