Hello! Y’all canĀ call me Linds. I’m a college student, aspiring nurse, big sister to a bunch of crazies, and a follower of Jesus first. I like coffee (more than a I like many people), sunflowers, reading (LOTR, anything C.S. Lewis, and other blogs or articles), playing music, listening to music, and writing. My faith is what grounds me, and my family both keeps me sane and drives me crazy on some days.

I would like to encourage you through this blog, whether it’s through a thought, a story, or a thorough look at doctrine and trying to know God. We’re all on this earth, we all have mess, and if you just need someone to admit their messes first, you’ve found the place. The name of this blog is Southwestern Grace. The King gives a lot of grace, and in every post, in every situation, in every mess, or in every good thing, we can fall back on that.

Thank you for taking time to read my musings!

giveĀ grace,


“Grace is infinite love expressing itself in infinite goodness.”

– Lewis Sperry Chafer